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We are Sleepmaker®. Makers of great sleep since 1934.

A good bed makes great sleep possible, and that is what we make at Sleepmaker.


Lying down on any of our mattresses is not just lying down on a bed of comfort; it is also lying down on a bed of history, spanning over 80 years.

Our story began in 1934, when Dunlop Bedding arrived on Australian shores. Sleepmaker was born after several Australian mattress companies were bought over, and bed-making facilities mushroomed across the country. It did not take long for Sleepmaker beds to make their way into the average Aussie’s bedroom with its simplistic yet lavish comforts.

The journey does not end there! Sleepmaker has since expanded to New Zealand and a few ASEAN countries. This expansion made the company one of the world’s largest bedding manufacturer to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Sleepmaker is not Sleepmaker without these points:


1. Comfort • Support • Always at the top of our minds

Every night, millions of Australians look to us for a well-deserved rest. If there’s one thing we really dislike at Sleepmaker, it is being disappointing in bed. This is why comfort and support are our top priorities, right from the start of every mattress blueprint. By doing this, you are able to feel the quality you deserve from the first time you lie on our mattresses.


2. Made with a lot of care… and some Aussie charm!


To ensure that our beds offer real comfort, we take joy in crafting each one. Only top quality materials are sourced, and beds are made according to the standards of the shrewdest sleepers. It may sound like serious business, but we at Sleepmaker always have fun with what we do.

3. We love sleeping on the job


To make great sleep, we first need to know great sleep. This is why our mattress designers constantly test out beds, and go on the never-ending hunt of the best materials for all that makes sleep great. Everything is to ensure we can keep providing you with comfortable beds to sleep on.


In 2000, Sleepmaker supplied 23,000 beds to the Sydney Olympic Games. It was the world’s largest singular bedding order to date!

An invention of Leggett & Platt – an American company with over 100 years of service in its bag, Miracoil™ is hailed as the world’s most advanced spring system to date.

Exclusively for Sleep Country Malaysia

Its main point of note is in that it is a continuous coil spring system, translating as a spring system that is made up of one wire from head to toe. The coils are shaped in a hydraulic-like manner, leading into a closely coiled centre zone.


This uniqueness in the centre zone means there is 49% more coil count in the Miracoil™ spring system, which allows it bragging rights in the form of excellent back support. What’s more; the coils are heat tempered to ensure they stay in the shape they were moulded into – and last for a long time to come.


Remember it being made up of one wire from head to toe? This point helps with something no other spring system other than the pocket spring has been able to boast: minimal partner disturbance in bed. Your fellow bed user could be a stunt artist in their sleep, but you would barely feel a thing. Talk about a supportive spring system!

Other Comfort Layer:

1. Gel-infused Memory Foam

On its own, memory foam is already a highly-forgiving surface to lie upon. Reacting to body heat and pressure, it moulds itself based on the shape of the individual lying on it – supporting your body’s natural curves and lines.


Gel-infused memory foam does not drastically change the way the material feels. It is still highly comfortable to lie on, and it still moulds itself according to the person lying on it via reaction to body heat and pressure. Its greatest upgrade is in the millions of little gel beads infused into the foam, designed to keep the heat away and keep you in comforting, cooling sleep throughout the night.

2. Anti-static Memory Foam

Static electricity, subtle it may be in our daily lives, has an unnerving habit of making sleep uncomfortable when the body generates or receives too much in a day.


To enhance the memory foam’s imitation of a hug when you lie in bed at night, infusing it with carbon allows it to neutralize

and discharge the negative energy built up during the day while resting. This ensures a more complete rest, and you wake up

well-rested and stress-free.

3. Natural Latex


Tapped from rubber trees, latex mattress was introduced as early as 1931. Among the multitude of benefits a natural latex comfort layer boasts, the main hype is thanks to it being able to help relief pain. As latex is a naturally resilient material, it is able to support the body by placing excess pressure to the hips and shoulders, while contouring to the body’s shape.


The selling point for natural latex, though, may come from its many health benefits. As it is an organic product, natural latex mattresses have minimal adhesives used, meaning it have little to no harmful toxics release into the air as it ages. It is also hypoallergenic and keeps your bed intruder-free naturally.

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