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Sleeping Products

Dunlopillo is more than just sleep products. Our customers are our main source of inspiration - they want the freedom to enjoy life the way they want in the bedroom of their dreams. Through the years, we've given millions around the world the peace of mind that their bedrooms are a personal haven for celebrating life's special moments.

Every day, we do our best to be the customer champion and leading lifestyle shaper through our ever-evolving suite of sleep and comfort solutions. Our brand values define what we stand for, guide the way that we behave and how we do business, as well as set the way that we communicate in the marketplace.

The Revolutionary Latex Innovative Technology

​Talasilver Wave is produced using a revolutionary latex manufacturing technology involving electromagnetic waves to vulcanize latex from inside out (which is totally different works from the Conventional Steaming outside-in process). This breakthrough in time & energy efficient technology produces latex with a highly durable homogeneous cell structure, extreme tensile strength, superb resilience & excellent ventilation. 


The brand new Talasilver Wave Latex has made its mark as the pinnacle of mattress technology with its ultimate support, unsurpassed comfort, exceptional durability and most advanced protection for healthier sleep.

What are the key benefits of Talasilver Wave? 


1. Perfect Contour Support & Comfort


The fined-tuned homogeneous latex structure throughout the latex component offers extreme tensile strength & superb resilience, ensuring:

• The right spine alignment support with no pressure spikes on the spine, allowing optimal blood circulation which is critical for body rejuvenation.

• Freedom of movement during sleep while no compromising on progressive & perfect body contour support & comfort.


2. Ergo-Pressure Distribution


The superb resilience nature excels on all comfort levels, offering:

• Very even pressure distribution of contact points over the whole body. This Ergo-Pressure Distribution features enhances blood circulation which reduces the tendency to toss and turn in sleep. 

• Minimum partner disturbance.

3. Exceptional Durability

The homogeneous cell structure throughout the entire latex component & breakthrough technology that successfully overcomes the limitations of a thicker topper is one of the determining factors in offering:

• Unequaled tensile strength that provides exceptional durability, a superior feature of this mattress.

• Excellent elasticity that minimize loss in height over time. 


4. Healthy MicroClimate Regulation

The nature of latex along with the homogeneous cell structure produced by an innovative manufacturing process ensures:

• Body heat to escapes easily. The perfectly balanced microclimate regulation guarantees excellent ventilation & air circulation, ensuring body temperature is maintained at a comfortable level, offering good night sleep throughout the night. 


5. Excellent Hygiene & Allergy Free

• Latex is free from harmful substances and is naturally Anti-Microbial & Hypo-Allergenic.

• The superior ventilation features of Talasilver Wave ensures Optimized Humidity Control, keeping the mattress naturally fresh, cool & dry. 

• Nano-Silver Technology quilted right to the top of Talasilver Wave eliminates & prevents growth of 99.9% harmful bacteria.

6. ECO Friendly

The combination of new revolutionary technology innovation process & new latex compound formulation requires 3 -.5x lesser energy than any other latex production processes.


It has the best ecological footprint in the entire cellular latex industry and undoubtedly sets a new benchmark for latex. 

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